24H Format

With this option Activated the time will show in the 24h hours instead of the default with AM and PM.

Allow users to add personalized clocks

With this option Activated, the user will be able to add his own clock. This will unlock a functionality when you have the Web Part added in the page with 1 clock set up, you'll be able to add more on the page.

Mouse over the World Time Pro Web Part zone and a plus icon [+] will show. Click on that icon and a new Clock will be added to the page.

Own clock.png

You can then configurate your own Clock by clicking on Change Location

Own clock Settings.png

Include local clock

With this option active, it'll always display a Local Clock based on the time and date that you've on your desktop.


If you click on the Title of the Web Part on the page, you can change the Title to the Web Part that will be shown. When you insert a text there it'll show on the page the Title, otherwise, nothing will be visible in the page.


Note this option is only valid if you have a Title on the Web Part.
On the Title of the Web Part, you can add an URL to redirect you to any page. The Web Part will always open the new URL in a new tab of your browser and that option is only visible if you're not in Edit mode.s

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